IC-918 SmartPhone Telephoto Lens HD

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Hey whats up guys this Doug from Carson Optical and today we’re gonna check out the SmartPhone Telephoto Lens. when it comes to taking photos with your phone zooming capabilities are definitely limited the more you zoom in the more quality you lose. but with our 6 power smartphone lens, you can get the perfect close up without compromising any quality. most of the today’s phones are equipped with a pretty decent camera on this device takes full advantage with this. you can get great looking footage of wildlife and be completely in focus without losing any quality let’s say you’re at an event and want to get a close-up shot if you digitally zoom in with your cell phone the colors become washed out, image become grainy and you end up with a low res photo.

When you add our 6 power smartphone lens you’ll be able to get quality close-ups with much more detail. since it’s portable this saves you from having to carry around a camera this is really easy to set up you don’t even need to take the case off your phone all you have to do is pull the adapter over the sides of your phone then line up the arm directly over your camera lens now lock it down and attach the lens there’s also included tripod that features extendable legs and allows you to get a stable image in either landscape or portrait mode the optics on this lens are great we’ve added a special coating that actually increases light transmission and reduces reflections this is a really cool product if you want high-quality photos you no longer have to take an extra camera with you I’ve been taking this everywhere I go because I’m so impressed with how good the photos come out.

I’m Doug from Carson and I’ll see you next time.

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